Thursday, 7 February 2013

Drawings from 1994

So as promised here are some scans of some VERY old work. The first few drawings (in biro) are from an old 1994 diary. A lot of them were done when I was around 7 so that's going on 19 years! I started drawing at around 4 years old and never stopped. Scrap pieces of paper, envelopes, anything I could get my hands on and I was doodling all over them. As you'll see from this post I don't throw much away and still have a file full of old stuff. So thought I would share some of them with you.

I seemed to like drawing girls and there are a few of this one in particular. This makes a change from what I normally draw now! 

 Some creepy faces!

I had a thing about drawing babies and girls with babies in their bellies. I think this might be because I had a Barbie doll where you could pop the baby from her belly.

I liked drawing mermaids too!

Aww, it's a teddy bear.

I was terrible at drawing horses and they're still something I am not so good at.

There are a few things I notice from looking through the diary, one of them is I struggled to draw hands (I still do) and the other is that is there are no drawings of monkeys! The diary is full of badly drawn horses, drawings of girls, mermaids, clowns, faces and stories with bad spelling about magic queens and magic rings.

 As I got older the one thing I started to draw more than anything else was The Simpsons. I became obsessed with them at around 8 years old and it inspired me to carry on drawing. Matt Groening was my idol! I collected everything with them on and still have a lot of it (hoarder alert!).

Hope you enjoyed seeing some terrible drawings from my childhood. And if you have any, I'd love to see them :)

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