Saturday, 11 May 2013


Hello! I've been very busy working on some things which unfortunately I cannot show just yet. It's all very girly and includes lots of pink and purples. I'm very excited about it all and fingers crossed it goes onto being published.

I've also decided (finally) to get some postcards printed to sent to publishers. And here they are from the lovely

I went with my favourite illustration for the front - Science and the Zoo which I originally did for our first monthly theme over at The Pencil Play Collective.

I  decided that I needed a little illustration on the back that fitted in with the front. My style has changed a little since doing the front illustration so it was fun and challenging to get Mr. Scientist Monkey to look like he belonged in the same lab.

And here they are together. did a great job as always and they're fab quality - why not check them out?


  1. They look brilliant - hope they do the trick! :)

  2. Yo Louise its deano ur very bestest favouritist cousin loving the drawings :) see ya soonage x