Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Monkey Pirates pt.3

So now I'm onto colouring up the characters. I just lay some flat colours down and try and decide which colours to use. This is the difficult bit! I favour blue but with the sea and sky, this illustration has a lot of blue already.

I start adding in textures for the clothes. I have various textures I have scanned in myself (bits of clothing etc) and a few photographs that I use. As he's a pirate it makes sense to go with stripes.

After changing the colour of the textures and changing them again I finally decided on green for the pants (phew!).

I add some 'fur' to the monkey by using the brush tool but changing from a smooth brush to one that is more like a piece of chalk. Light and shadow is then added to make the monkey stand out more.

I just finish colouring the other characters the same way. 

Next time - the finished illustration!

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